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I've never laughed so hard in such a long time!

This is really well done. The mouth animations were flawless. Make more please. :)

~ Mexal

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Esquirebob responds:

I have a couple more coming to newgrounds soon, but currently I'm working on an original animation, After that though, who knows :D

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Excellent game. I'm not the best at searching games, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. All of the short films were very well written and animated.

The only two things that kind of threw me off. When you find the emblems, the sound didn't really make sense. Lastly, when Seller stops walking, it just isn't that smooth compared to everything else.

All in all, beautiful. Just finished the first two levels. Definitely coming back to finish the rest!

~ Mexal

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Main issue I have with this tune is that your percussion sounds very bland. It sounds like you're just using generic VEC samples.

You also need some more variation in your chord progression. Nothing really changes.

Sorry if this review sounds harsh, but I don't have those "average listener" ears if you know what I mean. I also like to keep my points short and sweet so that it can really get into your head. ;) Keep practicing.

~ Mexal

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SoulofT responds:

Yeah the percussion is mostly VEC samples, I just don't really know where else I can get better percussion lol :p

About the chord progression, in the past I've changed it up and was told that in electronic music it is preferable to stick to a particular progression, so that comment has me confused lol.

Don't worryy about sounding harsh, at least your giving your honest opinion on what you think are the flaws and what you think this song deserves. I can respect that :)

Thank you for your feedback!

The intro is alright. You should change that string sample to a better one. It just sounds a bit too cheesy.

When the beat comes in, it is pretty solid. However, everything just feels like it has way too much high end. Including the bass. Remember, each sound should have its own frequency spot, if you know what I mean.

Keep at it.

~ Mexal

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djahmusic responds:

Thanks for this informative comment :)

The synth has too much saw in it IMO. I think adding a couple different square waves to it with more reverb would make it sound a lot better.

~ Mexal

Keiichi93 responds:

I'll do that if I actually release the song that this line was used in. Thanks :)

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