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I've never laughed so hard in such a long time!

This is really well done. The mouth animations were flawless. Make more please. :)

~ Mexal

Esquirebob responds:

I have a couple more coming to newgrounds soon, but currently I'm working on an original animation, After that though, who knows :D

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First thing I've noticed is that the kick sample and your bass sound is really out of date in Trance. People normally use it as a mid bass rather the main sub one. Also, really look into either getting better drum packs or making better ones yourself. They really aren't that powerful.

Your first synth is quite loud compared to the rest of your mix. The chord progression you have as well does not make any sort of musical sense. It just sounds like its thrown out of random. Lastly, do your best to avoid those cheesy saw synths. That stuff is really old school. (Unless you wanted this track to sound old school!)

Keep at it man. Try to make better synths sounds next time!

~ Mexal

Pulsar013 responds:

Your totally right about everything - this like most of my pieces is really something im trouble shooting at, as for the kick and bass - ( fml for the speakers have ) it does sound a bit old school - which I like to add every once in a while. For the most part this track wasn't fully mastered - the kick was really weak, and the bass , well; I didn't layer at all.
As for the chord XD - I had a few people say sounded a but childish -and finally the saw synth, I do agree that it was bare ( but if I added a bit more to it , im sure it wouldn't sound bad ; you never get tired of the "great" saw synth).
For me - I feel the track needs a lot more work - but slowly - I know that powerful trance feel will come out.

Thanx for your review - it always helps.

Hello! I'm glad you are here. The only thing that you should know about me is that I am quite a geeky kid! Send me a PM if you feel like chattin'.

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